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Dance Motion Xplosion Dance Academy in Farmington, MI is a dance school whose seed was originally planted by 30 years of dance provided to Detroit Metro-area dance students by MBS Training Center for the Performing Arts. We carry on their legacy by providing a dance program that will provide students the opportunity to learn and grow as dancers and individuals through the mind, body and soul. DMX has a dedicated and talented staff of qualified and experienced instructors. The studio is under the direction of Sabrina Breedlove, Shira Duncan and Debra Cherveny who were affiliated with MBS for over 20 years.

We offer a basic program, which incorporates both combination classes and individual classes. In our basic program, the goal is to provide our students with the essential foundations of basic- advance technique, discipline, and music appreciation.

We also have 5 intense performing groups in which students gain admittance via recommendation and invitation. These groups are Supernova, Dynamite, Atomic, and Bang! and Sparklers. These groups meet 4 hours per week with the exception of Sparklers their class is 1 hr. 30 minutes. They will perform in our recitals, as well as special dance events in the community.

We also offer our Ground Zero Competitive Teams. Students will need to audition to gain admittance into our Ground Zero Teams. These groups are generally for advance students' ages 10 yrs. old and above. Call studio for more information about Ground Zero classes.Basic Program Classes

Creative 3s & 4s – 1 hour $50 payment per month

Beginners Combination Class– 1 ½ hours $62 payment per month

Teen Ala Carte Classes - $50.00 per class, 2 classes for $95.00

3 classes & over (unlimited basic) $132.00 payment per month

Classes offered: Tap, Ballet, Gymnastics,Pointe, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Turns & Leap

Level: Creative,Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Competitive

Adult Class - $25.00 payment per month- Jazz / Hip Hop. 1 hour class

Adult class is reserved for adults aged 18+. Because this is a moderately fast paced class, adults enrolled should be able to stretch, leap, and move briskly. Performance in recital is optional

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are great because the focus is solely on the dancer. Once the instructor has identified what the dancer's goals are, she will be taught the materials that will be most appropriate for their needs. Every dancer has different goals, body types and learning styles. Private lessons will take those things into account and customize the lesson best for the student. We offer private lesson in all techniques.

½ hour $65.00 per month

1 hour $130.00 per month ( 10% Discount for students enrolled in multiple classes) Goals for Performing Groups

  • Sparklers (age 5 - 7) 1 1/2 hour class per week
  • Bang (age 8- 10) min. 4 hours per week. (Unlimited rate per month)
  • Atomic (age 10 - 12) min. 4 hours per week (unlimited rate per month)
  • Dynamite (age 12 -14) min. 4 hours per week (unlimited rate per month)
  • Supernova -(age 14 -17) min. 4 hours per week (unlimited rate per month)

Ground Zero Dance Company

Competitive Team - structured for approx.3 to 4 competitions per dance year including nationals -contact studio for additional information

Ground Zero Ala Carte Class fee $55.00 per month, with a discount for 2 classes

Unlimited Ground Zero Rate $140.00 per month ( costume fee for Ground Zero Classes -child size $60.00 -adult size $70.00

Audition is required for Ground Zero Competition Teams

Costume Fees

These prices reflect costs for costume & headpiece

Basic Adult-sized costumes - Adult-sized for students over 80 lbs. - $60.00

Basic Child-sized costume for students under 80 lbs. - $50.00

Competitive Team costumes: Child size - $60.00 Adult size -$70.00

Costume Fees for our Christmas Recital due October

Costume Fees for the Spring Recital due in January

Recital Fee:

This fee is applied per student

$30.00 fee for Christmas Recital

$50.00 fee for Spring Recital (includes a recital T-shirt)

Dance Attire/Dress Code

DMX is registered with Dance World & Bodies in Motion

Dance World, 19651 Middlebelt Road, Livonia, MI 48152, 248-477-0520

Bodies in Motion, 43215 Grand River Novi, MI 48375, 248-305-5590

A Note About Underwear: We like for all of our dancers to look professional and neat. A part of being involved in the art of dance is adhering to the dress culture involved within it. In dance classes around the nation, all dancers are not to wear panties under their tights. When you purchase tights that were created for dance, there is a cotton oval for sanitary protection. Dancers can wear a skin tone, high cut panty for those certain times when it is necessary. Bras should also be covered/concealed or wearing a sports bra is acceptable. This is out respect and appreciation for this art form.

A Note About Hair: Students are to have hair off face and secured for all classes. Please secure any beads so that they will not fly off and/or hit children in eyes when turning. Hair concerns should be taken care of before, not during class. Please keep necessary hair supplies in your dance bag.Basic Program Essential Attire:

  • Dance Bag
  • Black Leotard (any style)
  • Tan Tights
  • Proper Foot Attire (Please check with our dance vendor)
  • Optional: Black Dance Shorts/Jazz Pants/Skirts and all DMX Dance gear

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*****$20.00 late fee applied 7 days after payment due date, to avoid late fees, we do take payments via phone 248-994-0425

We are excited to incorporate bright colors within our company groups! Each group will have an assigned color that they can wear over their base (black leotard and tan tights).

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